about me

I started this blog in July 2011 to share my experiences with God in contemplative prayer. I also write about my journey out of institutional Christianity and my struggles with letting go of long-held beliefs that have imprisoned me. I have experienced a broad range of Christianity, from my roots as a child in fundamentalist religion to the wildness of praying in charismatic circles and lots in between. I attended two different ministry schools in my early 20’s as well as a year at a Christian college, and I had hopes of entering some sort of full-time ministry. But due to a series of disappointments with institutional religion, and the continual pain it caused me to attend, I stopped going to church in January 2009. Now I’m thirty, and I’m starting over. I don’t wear the label Christian, and I question and doubt things I used to take for granted. I’m in the process of discovering my identity and being comfortable with who I am. If you, also, are questioning and doubting, come join me.

I returned to college in 2008 and recently graduated with a degree in English writing and publication. I’m currently looking for freelance or full-time work in the writing and editing field. Please see my other website for more information about my professional services and my resume: http://www.evalinn.com.

I also have a blog about my recent time in Ecuador:


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