about me

I started this blog in July 2011 to share my experiences with God in contemplative prayer. I also wrote about my journey out of institutional Christianity. I have experienced a broad range of Christianity, from my roots as a child in fundamentalist religion to the wildness of praying in charismatic circles and lots in between. I attended two different ministry schools in my early 20’s as well as a year at a Christian college, and I had hopes of entering some sort of full-time ministry. But due to a series of disappointments with institutional religion, and the continual pain it caused me to attend, I stopped going to church in January 2009.

I’m no longer a Christian, but my spiritual journey continues, so now I write poetry and stories/content about my continued foray into the heart of God.



One Comment to “about me”

  1. I’m hoping this blog of yours is still somewhat active. I do not expect, but would be none the less grateful for a personal reply. as this topic might show; time heals all wounds.
    What I ask is proto-clergic. or perhaps “adaptive ministry” in nature… how do you deal with the cognitive-moral crevasse of “damnation to the false teacher.” when you know you are bringing real teachings of Life? At times I think a religion of absolutes gave leverage to one-up-manship, and being called to preach to the individual, to embrace the universal grace, makes me a pompous hypocrite.
    annyhoo, my passing thoughts..

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