There is a world inside me.

That is how it feels so much, when I connect with my interior life. It is like a link or a portal into another whole world. And that world, I call it the world of the spirit, is the true reality. So the physical world is not as real, or at least, not as permanent. Even though the spiritual world feels fleeting and dim, that is merely because our attention is so often focused outward. When I glimpse through the portal, I get the feeling that what I am seeing there has so much more weight to it than anything I could experience in the outward world.

There is a world inside me, or at least an opening into another world. There is a world inside me, just waiting to be expressed. Just waiting to be revealed. Through contemplative prayer, I dive into that world. And I am there, instantly in the presence of eternity. I become aware of it, but I lapse back, too. I don’t say that this is something I have to do every day. But when I find it, or it finds me, I feel alive. Alive to Reality.

There is a world inside me of vast proportions. Matter flows from it, matter returns to it. It is pure energy, pure life. This is reality. I open the door and let it flood me for a few minutes, so that I become aware. I close the door and go do something else and don’t come back here for weeks. There’s no guilt in this practice, not unless one chooses guilt. I choose acceptance. Acceptance of myself, but also a real feeling that this is me, this is my identity, and in going here I connect with real life. I can do it as often or as seldom as I want.

In church I used to hear people talk about the spiritual world and the physical world. I heard a lot of talk about it, but I rarely met someone who experienced it. It’s easier to talk about than to do. But it is the connecting that really matters. A lot of people I have met are actually scared of the spiritual world. It is funny, because we all have the world inside us. We all have the portal opening into that vast realm where space and time probably don’t even exist. Yet most people would rather get their spiritual instruction 3rd hand and never experience the spiritual world with their own spirits. Sad but true. The spiritual world is not something to fear. It just is. It is reality, and if we choose to live in reality, we can find the most beautiful, wonderful, and amazing revelations of life and love are flowing into us.

So how does one do this? Go lower. Dive down through your heart, which is you, into your spirit in your belly which is connected to the life force that flows through all eternity, connected to God. This is knowing God. Open the door. Walk through the portal. Glimpse reality.


5 Comments to “There is a world inside me.”

  1. I have glimpsed this beautiful reality, and I have also lost the sight. The simple knowledge of its existence was all that it left behind. That is a blessing, and reading your words bring back memories, thank you for sharing the world inside you.

  2. Laying in bed (because I broke my leg on Sunday) I was thinking about this blog and what prayer looks like for me now. It really is quit organic in nature. Like a dialog that goes on forever. But there are these times that God wants to teach and I will hear a single word, or hear a song on the radio, or see a brief picture in my head. Really God is persistent until I stop, focus and contemplate what it is that is being said. It is like the universe opens and wisdom floods into my spirit I truly leave this world. Sometimes it is scary a little because my being is so on fire that I know I can’t function in this place for long.

    This blog makes me think that my greatest frustration at this time is I feel like I really don’t or can’t initiate the conversation. But maybe I still lack understanding. Life, walking with God is always an adventure. Always learning and always growing in understanding.

    The sad thing is a large percent of the “christians” I have known over the years have never experienced God. The know stuff, a lot of stuff, go to meetings, sing songs about God, pray the formal prayers but really have never organically in the quiet places experienced God, and so fear of such a thing causes them to stand in judgment of those that have.

  3. “They know stuff, a lot of stuff, go to meetings, sing songs about God, pray the formal prayers but really have never organically in the quiet places experienced God, and so fear of such a thing causes them to stand in judgment of those that have.” I have known many people like this. I used to feel in church like all the talk about God made me so hungry to actually be with God, but at the same time I was in a place (in church) where actually being with God was difficult because there were so many distractions. Some churches made a place for connection with God during worship, but many did not, and with all the rambling of all the people, going to church just made me feel starved. I got excited about being with God, but I knew I would have to leave in order to be with God, yet I had just wasted all that time that I could have spent with God on meaningless mumbo-jumbo.

  4. I understand what you are saying. Yet I do believe that our souls are parts of God so when with others we are still in being with God. 🙂 So now it’s up to you to decide what parts of God you want to be with? God has an infinite numer of facets.

    You could choose to be in the park parts with God or the grocery parts with God, the church parts with God or where/whatever! Lovely, isn’t it? Loves, Deb

  5. I always deep in my heart felt like “church” was instead of God. In fact years ago I was sitting with a friend from church and God clearly spoke “adultress” I didn’t understand it at the time but now I do! I was having an affair with the church and it was the act of “church” that was keeping me from fallowing my first love.

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